Metal Re roofing Melbourne | AARC Services
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Metal Re-Roofing Melbourne

Metal Reroofing Melbourne

If you’re looking for a high quality reputable metal re-roofing expert in Melbourne, look no further. AARC Metal Roofing Services is ready to solve all your residential or commercial roofing problems. AARC Services have been in the roofing industry for 15 plus years now, leaving our clients happy on all projects we lay our hands on.


Cost Estimate for Melbourne Metal Re-roofing

At AARC Services, we focus on offering our customers premium re-roofing services and meeting project completion deadlines. While re-roofing projects differ, the amount you spend on re-roofing will depend on:

  • The cost of materials including roof covering, flashing, gutters and installation requirements.
  • Safety requirements needed e.g. scaffolding and handrails.
  • An estimate of expenses to be incurred in disposal of old roofing.
  • The estimated cost of removing the old roof
  • The approximated project timeline


We can restore your roofing with a wide range of roofing materials including:

  • Corrugated metal roof
  • Standing seam metal roofs
  • Tin roofing
  • And more!


Contact us for a Free Consultation


If you are not sure whether you should repair or replace your roof or not yet decided on the roofing materials you should use, AARC Services roofing specialists Melbourne are ready to solve your problems with a detailed roof inspection. We will take a look at your roofing, discuss the options you have, and provide you an estimate on each option that you can make an informed choice.

We Handle Our Projects on a Step-by-Step Basis

Consultation and Free Onsite Assessment

We will send a representative to assess your project, note your roofing requirements, and help you choose a roofing system that matches your needs best. At this phase, we will introduce you to different aspects of your project. After evaluating your project, we’ll give you a free price quote.

Pre-Site Project Assessment

At this stage, we will discuss timelines, concerns about forecasts, and carry out an individual home needs assessment for future phases of your project. Constant communication is crucial in this phase for everyone to feel heard and understood.


This is the most visible phase of the project. Here, we’ll remove the old roof, prepare the new system’s workspace, and install. For new roof installation, we get everything ready to save on time and resources. Note that a roof can be installed when there’s light rain. One dry day is enough to remove the existing roof, replace or repair existing dry-rot damage, and make the roof watertight. It takes 3 to 4 days or less to fully restore a typical roof with new gutters.

Clean-Up and Removal

We partner with waste removal companies to clean up all our construction sites. Waste removal will be scheduled during the planning phase.

for a free personalized, on-site consultation.

Whatever your roofing project is, call us today for a free personalized, on-site consultation. To us, no project is too big or too small – we handle all roofing projects intending to exceed our client’s expectations. Communication is key to us, and we will keep you informed about every progress in your project. Look no further! AARC metal roofing contractors Melbourne guarantees you a high-quality service with a fast turnaround.